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Unlocking EU financial support for employee relocation to Malta

Employee allowance
As an employee relocating to Malta, you are entitled to significant financial allowances to make your transition smoother.

The EU offers a relocation allowance of €1,000 and if are you relocating from Scandinavia, Cyprus or the outermost region of the EU/EEA or have a disability, the allowance is €1,550. If you’re relocating with a child and/or partner, these allowances can double, providing extra support for your journey.

Employee English language school
Additionally, kickstart your language learning journey with an allowance of up to €2,220 directly from the EU.

Whether you prefer online classes or physical sessions in Valletta, the EU has your language education covered.

Employer allowance
When you as an employer partner up with relocation.mt, it opens the door to valuable EU financial support. Receive an allowance of €1,320 per employee to be utilised for relocation, training, and introduction.

Organisations with fewer than 250 employees can benefit from allowances of up to €30,000 annually. Streamline your recruitment process while maximising financial support from the European Commission.

Employee benefits: Stress-free relocation to Malta

Make your move to Malta a breeze with our employee relocation package.

As an EU or EEA citizen, enjoy EU financial assistance, seamless registration processes and more.

From tax advice to opening a bank account and property search assistance, we’ve got you covered. Let us handle the paperwork while you focus on your new job in Malta.

Employer benefits: Streamlined employee relocation solution

Elevate your recruitment experience as an employer in Malta with relocation.mt.

Our expertise in EU citizen rights, coupled with optimised processes, ensures a hassle-free relocation for your EU and EEA employees and you as the employer.

Unlock EU financial benefits, including substantial allowances for relocation, training, and introduction. Use our service to navigate governmental procedures seamlessly and maximise EU financial support.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about relocating as an EU or EEA citizen to Malta, you should explore our FAQ section to find answers to common queries.

From registration deadlines to government red tape, we’ve compiled essential information to guide you through the relocation process.

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At relocation.mt we specialise in making employee relocation to Malta effortless for EU and EEA citizens.

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Whether you’re an employee or employer, our comprehensive Malta employee relocation package, priced at just €495 (including VAT), aligns with the EU financial support structure, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution.

This package covers essential services, including government registrations, bank account opening assistance, and property search support.

Use our user-friendly online guide to find out if you are eligible for EU financial support and to order a relocation package.

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