How it works

Read here about all the steps we handle in order to get you as an employee properly settled in Malta.

Step 1

You or your employer will order the employee relocation package online where the cost can be covered by the EU financial support.

Step 2

You will upload a scan of your passport, employment agreement, rental or purchase residential agreement and type in a few details.

Step 3

An appointment is requested with the Identity Malta authority. The appointment is usually assigned within a few weeks.

(usually take 2-5 days)

Step 4

Your social security number is requested.

(usually take 3-6 days)

Step 5

When your social security number is issued, your tax number is requested.

(usually take 1-4 days)

Step 6

When your Identity Malta appointment has been scheduled, your registration documents will be prefilled with all the necessary information.

All you have to do is sign the documents.

Step 7

Your European Health Insurance Card will be requested and sent to your residential address.

(usually arrive in 5-8 days)

Step 8

Your Tallinja bus card will be requested and sent to your residential address. The travel card gives you free public transport in Malta. We will pay the one-time card fee.

(usually arrive in 8-16 days)

Step 9

One of your team members will meet and greet you at the Identity Malta authority office five minutes before your scheduled appointment.

We will print your prefilled registration forms, a copy of your passport and your employment agreement plus we will handle everything for you at the registration office.

All you have to do is show up, bring your passport and then review and sign the documents. We will check your registration receipt to make sure the registration is made correctly.

Your ID card will be issued a few weeks later. You’ll receive a letter by post when it is ready for pickup.

Step 10

Your Malta eID (electronic signature) will be requested and you will receive a guide on how to activate it. You can use the eID to log in to all government websites in Malta e.g. to download your yearly tax statement.

(usually take 1-3 days)

Step 11

We will instruct the tax department to connect your Malta ID number with your tax number. If this is not done, you won’t be able to use your eID to log in online at the tax department.

Step 12

If you are an EU citizen, your right to vote at the EU parliament will be registered either in Malta or your home EU member state.

Step 13

Instructions on how to register with the national Maltese donor registry will be emailed to you.

(this step is optional)

Step 14

When your ID card is ready for pickup, Identity Malta will send you a letter by post to your residential address.

When you receive the letter, bring it along with the registration receipt from the first appointment and your passport. You don’t need to schedule an appointment to pick up your ID card.


You are now fully registered in Malta!