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Offer a discount on our Malta employee relocation packages to your clients, friends or blog readers and even earn a referral commission fee when you partner up with us.

We strive to help employees relocate to Malta as smoothly and easily as possible so they don’t need to worry about the hassle of contacting the Maltese authorities regarding their many different registrations.

Financial overview:
Relocation package:
€419.49 excluding VAT
(€495.00 including VAT)

10% discount to client:
€41.95 excluding VAT
(€49.50 including VAT)

10% commission to you:
€41.95 excluding VAT
(€49.50 including VAT)

Please note that the discount and commission are only paid on third-party referrals, meaning a company cannot use this partner deal for its own employees.

Please fill out the form below to receive a unique promotion within a few days.
Your referrals will be able to enter your promotion code when they order online.

The commission will be paid out by every month-end plus 30 days by bank transfer.